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Loan Size

$55,000 to



Vacant acquisitions


1, 2 & 5 Year,
Interest only options or 30 year fixed



1- 4 units          package loans


Closing Speed

Fast — can be less than three weeks!

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Leverage Ratio

UP TO 80%

Loan amount divided by property value (LTV)

UP TO 90%

Coverage of basic rental expenses (PDTI)

30-Year Fixed Rate

  • 3-Year/5-Year interest only option available.

  • Cash-out or rate and term refinance options

  • No Income or W2 verification

  • Can close in personal or entity

  • No seasoning requirements

  • US Citizens & Foreign Nationals

  • We don’t report to credit

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30-Year Loan Program

Long-term 30-year mortgage solutions designed to help you finance a rental property, even if you can’t qualify for a conventional or conforming mortgage loan. Typically, an investor uses a hard money loan first to repair the property, and then refinance into a long-term loan.

Hard Money Loan Programs

Short-term hard money loans are used to purchase, rehab, and sell or refinance a property. These loans are ideal for financing distressed properties, that also need to close quickly.

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