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Investmark Mortgage is a 3-time award-winning hard money lender, that covers North Texas, Central and South Texas, and the greater Houston market. We are a direct lender (not a broker), and will make funding your next investment property easy.

Investmark Mortgage

Hard Money Lender

Real Estate Investment Experience

Our team has over 75 years of combined real estate investment experience, including flipping, renting houses and apartments, as well as wholesaling. Leverage our experience to help you become a more successful real estate investor.

Hard Money Lending Experience

We have been lending since 2005, and have structured our lending programs to be the most cost-effective, with full disclosure, and no hidden fees

Industry Connectedness

Our reputation as a lender allows us to facilitate wholesale deals almost on a daily basis.  We not only provide you with the financing but can connect you with resources for deals, as well as for anything else you might need (i.e., proven contractors, the best conventional lenders, real estate friendly small banks, investor real estate agents, etc.)

Our Philosophy


We approve most applications on the same day we receive them. Getting approved is easy and once approved, you will receive a Conditional Approval Letter that you can submit with any offers you are making. Once you get a deal under contract, we will process it the same day and move your transaction toward closing.


Real estate is one of the largest investments you can make. There is no time for guesswork when it comes to understanding the true value of your deal. Once we receive your contract, we immediately order the appraisal with one of our certified appraisers to get the ARV (After Repair Value).


Before a deal goes under contract, throughout the due diligence period, and certainly before closing, our clients want to know what their out of pocket costs are going to be every step of the way. We are committed to delivering this information throughout the process to eliminate any surprises at closing.

Our Team

Mike Hanna

Mike Hanna

Managing Partner

Mike Hanna is a real estate investor, mentor, author, and public speaker. He has been an active real estate investor since 2002 in both single family and multi-family properties, and has been in the hard money business since 2005.  Mike is a member of the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL), is a Certified Private Lender, and is a founding member of the AAPL Ethics Advisory Committee. Mike is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma.

Tracy Wynn

Tracy Wynn

Director of Operations

Tracy is a Certified Private Lender, and is our Director of Operations. She has experience owning a rental portfolio and flipping houses. She is responsible for assisting our clients from the closing process through payoff by managing all of the processing, invoicing, and draw requests. Tracy also has a passion for competitive dance, and performs in competitions around the country. She is a graduate of the University of Maine.

Paul Starnes

Paul Starnes

Director of Business Development

Paul Starnes is the Director of Business Development for Investmark Mortgage and covers all of North Texas. He has been an active real estate investor since 2002 and owns and manages a rental portfolio. Paul also has experience flipping properties. Paul not only helps our clients understand the loan process but also facilitates real estate deals for our clients. In addition to real estate, Paul is an avid golfer and competitive fisherman. He loves the outdoors and enjoys camping with his wife and 2 boys. Paul is a graduate of the University of North Texas. He can be reached at: paul@investmarkmortgage.com

Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb

Office Manager

Jennifer Webb is our office manager and administrator. Jennifer has an MBA, owns multiple rental properties, and is an Independent Rental Owner Professional (IROP certified). She also loves skydiving!

Pam Cassidy

Pam Cassidy

Business Development Austin/San Antonio

Pam Cassidy is responsible for business development for the San Antonio and Austin markets. Pam has been working with real estate investors for over 20 years, helping them buy, sell, and rent investor properties. She can help you with your deal and is looking forward to assisting you.
She can be reached at: pam@investmarkmortgage.com

Grace Cambindo

Grace Cambindo

Hard Money - Huston (Gulf Coast) / 30 Year Financing-Texas

Grace is the Director of Business Development for our Texas 30-year program, and also manages the hard money lending program for the Houston/Gulf Coast region. Grace has experience in acquisitions and development of income-producing property, property valuation, renovation cost estimating, as well as deal analysis. Grace has expertise in hard money lending, as well as long term real estate financing. She can be reached at 469-903-7438 or at: grace@investmarkmortgage.com

Sandra Thomas

Sandra Thomas

Senior Lending Manager

Sandra is responsible for the underwriting and loan management process. She has over 25 years of real estate experience, specifically in the private lending space. She is a graduate of the University of Dallas.

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