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You Need a Hard Money Lender You Can Trust

Funding your investment property can be overwhelming and confusing. Unclear loan costs and impersonal service can leave you feeling stuck and unsure. But Investmark Mortgage is different from other Hard Money Lenders. We guide you through the loan process and give you the confidence to move forward. 

Your Hard Money Lending Keys To Success

1. Fast Application

Once you apply, we contact you to discuss your goals and to get you a quick approval.

2. Deal Analysis

We show you out-of-pocket amount, profit potential, cash flow, and return on investment.

3. Certified Appraisal

Every property gets a “boots on the ground” appraisal, so there is no guesswork.

4. Clear Closing Costs

You know your costs throughout the process so at closing there are no surprises!

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Avoid overpaying and getting burned!  We want your next investment to be successful, so we’ve compiled the most common mistakes other investors have made.

Texas Real Estate Inventory

Texas Real Estate Inventory (or lack thereof) While most of us have spent the past year thinking about other aspects of life, Texas real estate investors have wondered what the market was going to...

Defining the Term “Real Estate Investor”

There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding real estate investors and what you have to do to be considered one. I don’t know why, but I think it may have to do with how real estate investing...

Top 10 Steps for Selling Faster

The goal for any investor, who is flipping a property, is to get in and out of the deal as quickly as possible at the price they want.  There are many books on flipping. Rather than reading an...

Top Five Things to Consider for Ordering a Land Survey

On more than one occasion, I have seen investors have to clean up a mess after closing that could have been prevented had they ordered a land survey. Unfortunately, most Real Estate investors avoid getting surveys. Why? They don’t want the added cost in doing their deal, they don’t believe surveys are that important, and land surveys can take time to get, potentially holding up their closing. In this blog, I discuss when you should consider getting one. But let’s cover some basics first.

Real Estate Investors: Greedy Profiteers or Good Samaritans?

I am proud to be a real estate investor but in the many years I have been in this business, I have heard the most inaccurate, absurd, as well as offensive things about real estate investors. Things...

Contractors – Setting Your Expectations

When it comes to contracting work, there are three things we all want: good, fast and cheap. There’s also an old saying with real estate investors, “You can have any two of these.” For...

Make Goal Setting Easier On Yourself

Many of you may know that there have been studies that show that those who write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those who don’t. I know I’m preaching to the choir with some of...

How To Get Stuck In Hard Money with 4 Rentals

Creating cash flow is one of the many benefits of building a rental portfolio. Just like starting any new business, taking it one step at a time, in the beginning, is important as you will make some...

Texas Real Estate Inventory

Texas Real Estate Inventory (or lack thereof) While most of us have spent the past year thinking about other aspects of life, Texas real estate investors have wondered what the market was going to...

Get Ready to Protest Your Property Taxes

Over the past several years, the appraisal review boards have been raising assessed values across the state of Texas, with the major markets being hit hardest....

Title Insurance and Why You Need It

What is Title Insurance? Buying an investment property is one of the biggest purchases anyone can make. To protect the investment from tangible, physical damage like fire, storms or vandalism,...

Finding Wholesale Deals Part 3 – Direct Mail

Over time, the deals I have purchased with the most equity came from a direct-mail campaign. I could go on and on again here, but instead, let me give you a few quick examples: Example #1: I once...

Finding Wholesale Deals Part 2 – Getting Referrals

Getting deals through referrals can be less complicated and deliver some of the best equity deals you will find. Think about this for a minute: how many things have you received from a referral? You...

Finding Deals Part 1 – Driving Neighborhoods

Absolutely one of the most underrated methods for buying direct is driving neighborhoods, also known as Driving For Dollars. The reason this can be so effective is that it lets you target the...

Why Price-Per-Square-Foot Gets Investors Into Trouble?

One thing that confuses new and seasoned investors is taking the price-per-square-foot approach to determining the value. What does this mean? Let’s take a look at the following comps and analyze...

3 Key Factors that Impact the Real Estate Market

There’s an old saying that my friend’s father used to say, “Believe half of what you read and none of what you hear.” If you watch the news each day and/or read the newspaper, you may have heard or...

Keys to Getting Started In Real Estate Investing

One of the hardest things to do in life is to get started. Whether it’s a new job, a new business, or a new relationship. All of these involve challenges because of the unknown, the unforeseen, and...

Never Confuse These Two Things About Real Estate Deals

When it comes to investing in real estate, there are just some deals you are not going to be able to acquire. Best to know this from the start and get over it quickly. Someone else is going to get...

Our Reviews

—Kris S—

“Stafford and Mike, thanks for supporting me with all the projects we have done over the years! You guys, Tracy, and the rest of the team are always efficient and easy to work with. I look forward to a prosperous 2018 and beyond with your support!”

—Sam B—

“I highly recommend Investmark as a hard money lender! I have used them on two deals and I’ve had numerous discussions with them about potential deals. They are very professional and knowledgeable about the housing investment industry. They are also patient with all the questions I’ve had and they answer my phone/emails at all times of the day. I plan to use them again in the future and if you use hard money to finance a loan Investmark should be your choice!”

—Jerry D—

“Investmark Mortgage has funded 8 deals for me in the last 2 years and I wouldn’t use anyone else. Aside from financing, I lean on Mike as a mentor for flips and investing strategies. He’s fair, efficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate investing and lending”

—Evelyn A—

“Mike is a great lender to use. He is a very knowledgeable lender who explains and answers your questions until you understand it! He is very fast at replying back to emails and especially calling you back when you leave a message. He makes you feel right at home and not feel like you’re dealing with a head honcho! He’s down to earth and I like that! I will use Mike again on our next property and thereafter too!”

—Luis R—

“Being new investors, the whole process seemed scary to us but Mike was very helpful with our first rental property. He was always available to answer questions, always returned our calls and emails. Mike is a great lender with the heart of a teacher. We would recommend him 100% and look forward to working with him again!”

—Sam H—

“I would highly recommend Mike as both a hard money lender and a key member of my real estate team. Mike has a wealth of investor knowledge including tax protests, which helped me put a 33% tax savings back into my pocket in the first year. Mike answered all of my calls, emails, and issued draws promptly. I will definitely use him as my hard money lender for my future deals. Thanks, Mike!”

—Dan S—

“Mike was awesome to work with! He was very patient with all of my questions and walked me through all of the fees, line by line. He also gave me invaluable information about qualifying tenants and setting the appropriate deposit amounts etc. I would suggest Mike in a heartbeat!”

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