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We succeed when you succeed. Investmark Mortgage is a leading hard money lender in Austin, Texas that is always pushing for higher levels of transparency and integrity in hard money loans. We have provided top-notch hard money loans and lending advice since 2005, and are highly respected in the industry. Our team is made up of professionals with over 75 years of real estate investment experience. We know what makes an investment project successful and how to avoid the pitfalls. Investmark Mortgage has the expertise to walk new investors through the process, and help experienced investors when they encounter unexpected issues.  We ensure the loan process is quick and simple. Mike Hanna (Managing Partner) is a founding member of the Ethics Advisory Committee for the American Association of Private Lenders, and is a trusted name in Texas hard money lending. We make your success our goal by providing an unmatched level of transparency and integrity in our private lending. We’re among the best in Austin, TX at getting you a loan with speed, certainty, and clarity. 

Types of Hard Money Loans we provide:

We provide lending for fix and flip as well as buy and hold (rental) projects.

Fix and Flip

Investors come to us for hard money loans to use in purchasing and repairing a property that they intend to sell quickly for the highest profit possible. We provide a Deal Analysis report for these rehab and sell loans that outlines your projected costs, as well as profit margin, so you go into the deal as fully informed as possible.

Rental Property Hard Money Loans

Investmark Mortgage offers the best hard money loans for rentals in the Austin, TX market. We provide you with a Deal Analysis report that will show your out of pocket costs, equity, PITI, and cash on cash return. We also help you get out of hard money and into your refinance as fast as possible by offering refinancing into a 30 year loan, or connecting you with a trusted lender.


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Our Philosophy


We approve most applications on the same day we receive them. Getting approved is easy and once approved, you will receive a Conditional Approval Letter that you can submit with any offers you are making. Once you get a deal under contract, we will process it the same day and move your transaction toward a closing.


Real estate is one of the largest investments you can make. There is no time for guesswork when it comes to understanding the true value of your deal. Once we receive your contract we immediately order the appraisal with one of our certified appraisers to get the ARV (After Repair Value).


Before a deal goes under contract, throughout the due diligence period, and certainly before closing, our clients want to know what their out of pocket costs are going to be every step of the way. We are committed to delivering this information throughout the process to eliminate any surprises at closing.

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Avoid overpaying and getting burned!  We want your next investment to be successful, so we’ve compiled the most common mistakes other investors have made. 

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Our Reviews

—Kris S—

“Stafford and Mike, thanks for supporting me with all the projects we have done over the years! You guys, Tracy, and the rest of the team are always efficient and easy to work with. I look forward to a prosperous 2018 and beyond with your support!”

—Sam B—

“I highly recommend Investmark as a hard money lender! I have used them on two deals and I’ve had numerous discussions with them about potential deals. They are very professional and knowledgeable about the housing investment industry. They are also patient with all the questions I’ve had and they answer my phone/emails at all times of the day. I plan to use them again in the future and if you use hard money to finance a loan Investmark should be your choice!”

—Jerry D—

“Investmark Mortgage has funded 8 deals for me in the last 2 years and I wouldn’t use anyone else. Aside from financing, I lean on Mike as a mentor for flips and investing strategies. He’s fair, efficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate investing and lending”

—Evelyn A—

“Mike is a great lender to use. He is a very knowledgeable lender who explains and answers your questions until you understand it! He is very fast at replying back to emails and especially calling you back when you leave a message. He makes you feel right at home and not feel like you’re dealing with a head honcho! He’s down to earth and I like that! I will use Mike again on our next property and thereafter too!”

—Luis R—

“Being new investors, the whole process seemed scary to us but Mike was very helpful with our first rental property. He was always available to answer questions, always returned our calls and emails. Mike is a great lender with the heart of a teacher. We would recommend him 100% and look forward to working with him again!”

—Sam H—

“I would highly recommend Mike as both a hard money lender and a key member of my real estate team. Mike has a wealth of investor knowledge including tax protests, which helped me put a 33% tax savings back into my pocket in the first year. Mike answered all of my calls, emails, and issued draws promptly. I will definitely use him as my hard money lender for my future deals. Thanks, Mike!”

—Dan S—

“Mike was awesome to work with! He was very patient with all of my questions and walked me through all of the fees, line by line. He also gave me invaluable information about qualifying tenants and setting the appropriate deposit amounts etc. I would suggest Mike in a heartbeat!”

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