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Real estate is also a powerful tool for providing immediate income through wholesaling, as well as for turning a quick profit by making tangible improvements and flipping the property. So there are multiple ways to invest in real estate and make money.


About Investmark Mortgage, LLC

Investmark Mortgage, LLC is a 3-time award-winning hard money lender, with offices in North Texas, Central Texas, and South Texas. We are a direct lender (not a broker) and a leading provider of hard money financing.  We are different because our entire team has real estate investor experience from owning and managing rental properties, to flipping property, to wholesaling investor deals.  When it comes to hard money loans for real estate investors, we are uniquely qualified. We are committed to delivering speed, certainty, and clarity to every client.  Speed in processing your application to closing your transaction. Certainty in knowing the value of your property with a certified appraisal, and clarity in knowing all of your costs before you get to closing.  Whether you are buying a rental property or buying a property to flip, give us a call to discuss your specific deal, contact us, or simply apply above.